Zhongshan Liankai Printing Co., Ltd. Was established in 1986 for over 25 years, has been doing search on Packaging &Printing, mainly in shoes industry. Therefore, profession and proficiency have become our core competence. And now employs over 300 people, yearly output value has reached as much as over one billion yuan. Since it was established, there have been three affiliated  companies: “Shantou BaiRong Paper Co., Ltd.”  “Zhongshan Liankai Printing Co., Ltd.” “Hong Kong BaiRong Printing&Packaging Co., Ltd.”. In addition, it is certified to quality guarantee of ISO9001, environmental management of ISO14001 and so on. What it is above makes my company more competitive so that long-term and stable relationship was established with well-known enterprises domestic and abroad such as CONVERSE, CROCS, WOLVERING,VICTOR VANCEL,CONLUNMBUS MEIYA, HP, MEIZU and so on.

Current main products include colorful packing paper, handbag, color box, instructions, tag and all kind of labels, of which paper types in set include double-coping paper, single-coping paper, special packing paper, cotton paper, kraft paper, typing paper, paper for news, non-gray toe paper, plug bag paper, wheat shelf paper, copper paper, white cardboard. At present, based on shoes packaging products, we can do full- stop service commitment, any related to shoes packaging products, just go to Liankai we can do a perfect presentation. In order to honor our commitment to our customers, like product quality, delivery time, etc. , the company has equipped with the most current industry standards of printing a variety of printing technology equipment. For pre-printing process, we purchased a CTP platesetter (Computer to Plate), for colorful printing process, we are equipped with Heidelberg, Germany , Japan, Roland , full servo rotary machine , computer marking machine. For after printing, we configured the automatic folder gluer, laminating machine , beer machine, bronzing machine, the oil grinder and so on. Today Liankai is still full of ambition, full of life. More than three hundred average age of less than 26 years old, and 50 percent more than five years of service in the company are both loyal and this young team, depending on their loyalty, sincerity and honesty to all customers in pious showcase their most professional level, and providing the best quality service. In order to cater to the needs of the market and match the client needs, with all staffs’ persistence and enthusiasm, we are going to come to Vietnam for buying land and building factories, we will rapidly develop there in near future, promote common development with all customers in Vietnam, looking forward to the future development of the company in a foreign country, and coming up with the help of the customers. No matter when and where , we have the capacity and conditions to provide our most valued customers with the best products and the highest quality service.


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